Terms and conditions

Thank you for visiting our site. Here are our terms and conditions for using our site, and thank you for taking time to read them.

General Course Info

Your course fee covers booking, equipment and materials used on the course. Refreshments will be available, but please bring your own packed lunch. I may take photographs during the workshops for my own use in my publicity material. Please tell me if you do not wish me to use any images of you (or your work) in this way, and I will avoid including you in any photographs that I take. The venue of the course is on the website and in correspondence. It is your responsibility to be able to travel to venue and you accept that you are aware of location when booking.


Details of the classes will be available in the original course material at point of sale.
Follow up correspondence will include all details and will be sent to the address given at booking.
If, due to unforeseen circumstances, a cancellation or change to the course arises, we reserve the right to do so without notice, and details will be provided.

Cancellation policy

Due to the nature of costs, course fees will not be refunded.
Once booking has been made, the booking is for that course, on that date and at that time.
You can give the booking to somebody else. Please ensure, however, that we are made aware of the changes.


Payments can be made through PayPal /BACS/card/ by cheque and we hold no credit card or other personal information. Some details are shared with our payment integrations (PayPal). Payment details are transferred securely (encrypted) and not stored on our systems.

We may alter these Terms and Conditions from time to time and post the new version on the website. That version will take effect immediately thereafter.
You are responsible for checking our Terms and Conditions on the website as they form the contract between us.
If any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall become illegal or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever then these Terms and Conditions shall take effect as if such provision had been omitted and the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall not be affected.
This legal notice is governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Any reasonable term or condition not included that would protect rowanmconegal.co.uk should be considered applicable.